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“Cheap Publicity Trick” Helps Us Breathe Easier

By November 2, 2013February 29th, 2024No Comments
So far, it’s crushed and recycled about 800 of these high-polluting junkers.
The Colorado Automobile Dealers Association launched this nonprofit and the vast majority of vehicles have been contributed by the state’s new car dealers, who are showing their commitment to the environment.
This functioning toy illustrates how the Clear the Air Foundation crushes and recycles high-emitting vehicles– with proceeds from auto recyclers underwriting automotive scholarships.
SE2 created the Pollution Crusher box and customized stickers to add to the repurposed toy.
The promotion prompted coverage from news outlets across the country, from The Denver Post to USA Today. WardsAuto also featured the foundation.
Automotive News Executive Editor Ed Lapham gave the kit a shout out in his weekly news update. “Look, I’ve been in this business for 40 years and I know a cheap publicity trick when I see it,” Lapham commented. “But sometimes they work.”
Check out this video clip starting at 2:44 for the scoop.

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