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By Engaging Diverse Communities, We Can Help Every Person Thrive

20+ years of strategy and 1000+ stories told.

PowerMap, founded by Principal Alvina Vasquez and now a part of SE2, embodies a philosophy centered around the empowerment of communities and collaborative for positive societal change.

We recognize the immense potential in pooling talents, expertise, and networks to address pressing public issues ranging from health and education to economic empowerment and environmental sustainability.

At the heart of PowerMap’s ethos lies a profound commitment to community engagement. We understand that effective movements necessitate the dissemination of power to diverse community leaders and organizations. By leveraging the credibility and trust of these stakeholders, PowerMap drives meaningful change that resonates with communities on a grassroots level.

We are dedicated to expanding our network and elevating our commitment to serving diverse communities.

“Alvina has spent her career putting together diverse coalitions to create real change in our communities here in Colorado.”

Jared Polis, Governor of Colorado.