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Our proven approach to creating sustainable change

We’ve all seen political or social movements that rise and fall like fireworks, briefly dazzling before they swiftly fadeThese movements lack sustained energy to propel meaningful progress.  

SE2 Creating Change Process

Measurable, long-term change requires a sustainable approach that grows momentum over time. It requires both a long-term vision and a permanent campaign mindset  

Perpetual Movements: Change for Good® describes our unique approach to drive these enduring results. It’s built around three steps: 

  1. Alter individual behavior 
  2. Shift social norms
  3. Advance systems change

Combining all three elements creates a sustainable cycle that none of the steps could accomplish by itself. In our model, each step creates momentum for the next—and the one after that.  

Here’s how it works: 

Just like marketing campaigns can convince people to drink sugary, diabetes-inducing soda or smoke cancer-causing cigarettes, they can also encourage people to support their health and wellbeing. Behavior-change campaigns help people live better lives. 

We’re social creatures who are influenced by peer norms. By highlighting positive attitudes and behaviors within a community, we can establish them as a norm, which reinforces the healthy beliefs and behaviors we’re promoting. These become positive social norms that sustain change. 

System changes guide how governments or other organizations approach pressing issues. System changes includes laws, regulations and other rules at the federal, state, local or institutional level. These frameworks can encourage healthy behaviors and further establish positive social norms.  

These three steps build on each other and create strong interlocking foundations for long-term change. Each step is advanced by effective marketing and communications, creating broader public acceptance of evolving behaviors, norms and policies.