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Finding New Ways to Get Your Message Out Through Affordable, Accessible Video

Staying connected to your audience is crucial during this pandemic
July 14, 2020
Zoom Interview

Your stakeholders – whether they are patients, students, employees or parents – want and need to stay informed, understand how COVID-19 is impacting your work, and know about resources that are available to them.
With so much messaging focused on COVID-19 right now and the additional challenges of working from home, it may be difficult to produce content that stands out and draws your audience’s focus. Memorable content, like video, can be difficult to produce while adhering to social-distancing guidelines, and in-person events are simply not happening.

So how do you get your message heard?

We have found that by innovating on traditional messaging methods we are still able to create purposeful content.
We began offering clients the opportunity to co-create news-style interviews through Zoom. The video conversations allow them to talk about measures they are taking to protect their communities and employees from COVID-19 and highlight useful resources for their audience.
SE2’s Director of Content Bazi Kanani, a veteran news reporter and anchor, has more than 15 years of experience in live reporting and interviewing. With her seasoned approach, Bazi wrote the interview questions, prepped and guided interviewees, and assisted in the editing process.

The results speak for themselves

SE2 client Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc. garnered some 213,645 views to their YouTube page – 70 percent of whom were 18 to 44-year-old viewers, historically the hardest to reach demographic market for Tri-State.
“The interview-style approach to storytelling proved to be very successful,” said Amy Rosier, Tri-State’s communications and marketing manager. “Bazi was masterful at working with the interviewees and bringing their stories to life in a way that clearly resonated with viewers. During a time of great uncertainty, this approach allowed us to safely and effectively create content and connect with hard to reach segments of our audience.”
Check out Bazi Kanani’s interviews with several clients, including Tri-State Generation and Transmission, SMART Colorado and Care Synergy:


To talk to one of SE2’s content strategists about how we can help you create these video interviews for your audience, and to get a quote, please contact us.


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