Juan Cabrera


When I’m not at the office, you can find me…

Working on my house plant collection or lost on a trail in the mountains. Cooking anything with eggs or binge-watching cooking/woodworking/DIY/antique restoration videos on YouTube.

What issues impacting our community today really get you fired up, and why?

Immigration. Unfortunately, the wrong message is emanating from the top levels of government and it has opened a Pandora’s box of misplaced hatred against immigrants or people who look different. This climate has put immigrants in a tough position. As a son of immigrant parents, and an immigrant myself, this hits me right in the heart.

Which SE2 value resonates most with you?

Intellectual agility. Growing up as an only child in a Mexican household is quite unique. I did not have anyone to play with, and that’s when I discovered I was good at creating stories and characters in my head. I found ways to entertain myself and my curiosity staved off boredom. I am firm believer that great ideas are simple ideas and, often, great ideas don’t require big budgets to bring to life.

“Hasta el asunto aparentemente más nimio puede tener consecuencias extraordinarias.”

“Even the seemingly smallest matter can have extraordinary consequences.”

– Alfonso Cuarón

Father of two didn’t realize he was a Mexican until he moved to the States

I am a seasoned ad man with unique experience acquired through living and breathing marketing and advertising across diverse multicultural agencies on both U.S. coasts and most recently, in Colorado.

I started as a graphic designer back in México (Celaya, Guanajuato, to be precise, which is the Land of Cajeta, more commonly known as dulce de leche). I emigrated to Los Angeles in search of my shot working in an agency. After landing my first internship and being offered a writing position (they didn’t have an extra computer for me to design), I couldn’t say no and took the gig.

That job led to an awesome and unexpected opportunity in New York as a Spanish copywriter. I had an opportunity to learn from the best and I absorbed the lessons that only NYC can offer. I then returned to Latin America, to Colombia and then México, where I freelanced for U.S. agencies until one decided to import me back. I arrived in Denver and experienced the power of fresh mountain air and what it means to fall in love with the outdoors.

Today, as an SE2 leader, I get do the work that feels positively different, work that allows me to put my creativity to work to improve people’s lives, our community and why not, the whole world.

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