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Three Questions with Alvina Vasquez, SE2’s Newest Principal and a Veteran Engagement Strategist

By January 23, 2024No Comments

Q: What issues in our community ignite your inner fire, and how do you channel that passion into impactful action? 

Alvina Vasquez: I strongly believe that making a genuine impact on people’s lives is more than just addressing specific issues. It’s about providing individuals and families with a real alternative to the societal systems that may not meet their needs.  

There are countless tools and resources available to support individuals and families, but many people don’t take advantage of them because they don’t think they apply to their situation. I enjoy finding areas where we can improve and bridge those gaps. Supporting our community leaders and services is crucial, but it’s equally important to challenge the system and ensure we serve individuals and families in Colorado and beyond to the best of our ability. 


Q: What excites you about joining forces to tackle community challenges? What unique blend of perspectives do you imagine creating together? 

Alvina: Joining forces with a larger team and utilizing the right tools can significantly enhance your abilities. As a natural team player, I thrive on collaborating with others. When I first experienced working with SE2 in 2021, I immediately recognized its unique qualities. We share the same values and a deep passion for making a positive impact on the world.  

My goal is to gain a deeper understanding of how major government projects are initiated and ensure that the services provided are truly beneficial. I aspire to be a catalyst within the SE2 team, expanding our network of stakeholders, strengthening our grassroots outreach, and consistently delivering creative, thoughtful, and impactful work that leaves a lasting influence on our country. 


Q: When the clock strikes free time, what passion projects captivate your energy? 

Alvina: I love hosting my podcast, Alvina Talks Shift

With my background in broadcast media, radio has always been a passion of mine. So, I took the leap last year and started my own podcast.

The show dives into the shifts that occur in our lives, both ones we can control and ones we can’t. We cover everything from personal stories and transformations to important political and policy changes that affect our communities. It’s been so much fun!  


Alvina is from Westminster, Colorado, and is now a Principal at SE2.