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PowerMap Ltd. and Alvina Vasquez join SE2, elevating the agency’s capacity to create positive change through communications, marketing and community engagement

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DENVER — Alvina Vasquez and her company PowerMap Ltd. have become part of SE2, combining expertise and experience as the Denver-based agency looks forward to its next 25 years of creating positive change around pressing public issues.

Vasquez has joined Susan Morrisey, Brandon Zelasko, and Eric Anderson as a principal and shareholder of SE2, a 16-person integrated marketing and communications agency focused exclusively on pressing public issues.

Vasquez founded PowerMap Ltd. in 2019 with the mission to make Colorado “a place where every person can succeed and every community can thrive.” That mission aligns with SE2’s focus on creating Perpetual Movements: Change for Good®.

“Alvina and SE2 have collaborated for years on impactful campaigns to support healthy and successful communities. She’s established herself as a visionary leader in the field. We know that we will drive even more positive change by fully integrating our talents and expertise,” said Morrisey, SE2’s CEO.

“Our shared expertise in communications, policy, media and marketing is enhanced by Alvina’s proven leadership on community engagement, which will continue to become a growing element of SE2’s strategy for creating positive change,” Morrisey added.

“I am absolutely thrilled to join the team at SE2,” Vasquez said. “This incredible opportunity allows me to build on the impactful work I’ve been fortunate enough to do for my amazing clients for the past five years. It is a true honor to be recognized and valued, and to have the chance to become a leader in an organization that shares my commitment to informing and supporting communities across the state and beyond.”

“Our shared community engagement philosophy recognizes that effective movements require pushing power out to diverse community leaders and organizations. They know their audiences best and bring their credibility and trust to important causes. Key to this success is effectively engaging with ethnically and racially diverse communities, and Alvina will further elevate our commitment to and expertise in this area,” Zelasko added.

Vasquez is a tested and respected community leader and political strategist. In 2018, she served as political director on Jared Polis’s gubernatorial campaign, where she was responsible for building a statewide network of influential leaders and supporters that helped power Polis to his first term as Colorado governor. She also served as senior vice president in the Colorado office of Strategies 360, a public affairs firm, where she led coalition-building and messaging efforts on a variety of local and national initiatives.

“Alvina’s deep roots in Colorado ensure that she can connect with communities across the state, from frontier to rural to suburban to urban, with a wide network of established contacts in every corner of Colorado,” Anderson said. “We also will apply her proven community engagement strategies far beyond Colorado’s borders.”

Vasquez also brings to the table more than 20 years of experience in Spanish-language and general-market broadcasting, working with many of Colorado’s leading editors and reporters, with whom she maintains close ties.

Vasquez has been recognized as one of Denver’s 40 Under 40. She serves on various organizational boards focused on education, equality, and civic engagement. She is a trustee at Western Colorado University and a fellow at the Latino Leadership Institute Executive Program at the Daniels College of Business.

Since its inception in 1998, SE2 has focused exclusively on creating positive change on important public issues in Colorado and nationally. This includes health, the environment, education, housing, early childhood, substance use, economic empowerment, energy, and other pressing issues.

As SE2 marks its 25th anniversary, this announcement reflects the next step in a measured and sustained growth strategy that aims to expand and enhance the services SE2 offers existing and new clients to broaden its positive impact and build on its legacy.

About the Author:

Alvina Vasquez (she/her), founder of PowerMap Ltd., now a principal partner at SE2 following their merger in January 2024, stands as a prominent community leader. With over two decades of experience in broadcasting and political strategy, including her role as Political Director for the “Jared Polis for Colorado” campaign, Alvina excels in crafting impactful messaging and crisis communication. Her expertise in media management extends to both Spanish-language and general market contexts, earning her recognition as one of Denver’s 40 under 40.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Alvina is committed to societal advancement, evidenced by her participation in the Latino Leadership Institute Executive Program and her involvement with various educational and civic organizations. Her dedication to driving meaningful change underscores her role as a key figure in community leadership and strategy.

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