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Knowing Your Why Can Increase Your Success When Quitting Tobacco

October 11, 2022

People who quit tobacco know it can be a difficult process. Often, it takes multiple attempts before someone can quit for good.  

I have been exposed to secondhand smoke from family members and close friends. I knew early on that I wanted to support those close to me in their quit journeys.  

Over the years, I have watched those close to me repeatedly try to quit tobacco with various approaches (e.g., cold turkey, nicotine replacement therapy, support from their local Quitline, etc.). For some, those approaches worked immediately. For others, it was a long, winding road. There are a lot of reasons why it takes multiple attempts. 

Watching my loved ones explore their relationship with tobacco, I realized those who clearly defined their “why” for quitting tobacco were more successful.   

John Wenzel, a staff writer for The Denver Post, recently talked to SE2 client Tobacco Free Colorado about his on-again, off-again relationship with tobacco throughout his life.  

John noted that smoking was a coping mechanism for stress, and as a result, he went through the cycle of quitting and starting several times. He provided insight into his long-quit journey and emphasized his “why” for quitting tobacco. John quit to help keep his family healthy and to set a good example for them. Having that reason, and having their support, helped him during his quit journey. 

Finding your reason to quit is a key part of starting your journey. Watch John’s story and share it with those who may need more inspiration to start their quit journey. 

Resources To Help You or a Loved One Quit  

Quitting tobacco is a process. Whether you are thinking about quitting, are not yet ready to quit or you’re ready to try again, Colorado QuitLine can help you every step of the way. Find out how the Colorado QuitLine (in Spanish at can support you on your quit journey. (in Spanish at has tools and resources. Learn more about how to quit tobacco for good here. 

For those supporting a loved one on their quit journey, know that those quitting tobacco are more likely to succeed when they have support. Find ways you can support your loved ones quit tobacco here.