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Three Ways We Just Improved Your Content Strategy

Our in-house owned media expertise could be difference between a communications dud and the next Ice Bucket Challenge
July 13, 2015
Our in-house owned media expertise could be difference between a communications dud and the next Ice Bucket Challenge.
But first let’s define “owned media”. It’s pretty straightforward: Owned media is every communications channel your organization directly controls (i.e., “owns”). It includes your website, social media accounts, email, search engine optimization, apps, and other content marketing tools.
Our owned media strategist (OMS) can take a holistic look at your entire owned media presence and optimize it.
Here are three ways he can help you:
  1. Save time. You don’t even have enough time to think about what needs to go on your owned media channels next week, let alone three months for now. Our OMS takes that work off your plate and helps you develop and execute the editorial strategy.
  2. Keep up on trends. Staying on top of interactive trends is exhausting. Good news: You don’t have to. Our OMS watches for the newest digital strategies and tactics and advises clients on how to apply these trends to further their goals. The OMS will steer you away from the new shiny objects that won’t drive results and puts you on the right course to deliver engagement in the ways that are appropriate for your audience.
  3. Get more value out of your owned media. Evaluating owned media campaigns is daunting. Our OMS takes a look at your organization’s entire online presence and identifies correlations between campaigns and results that might not be apparent in a Google Analytics dashboard. We build and manage testing and optimization plans that get you more value out of every marketing dollar you spend.
Learn more about our owned media strategist Matthew Vermillion here. And if you’re ready to make your job just a little bit easier in any or all of the ways described above, let us know. Contact Matthew Vermillion ( or Brandon Zelasko ( to learn more.

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