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When Minorities Stop Being a Minority

October 17, 2014
Even someone like me who is (literally) colorblind can see the shift displayed by this graph, produced by the Pew Research Center based on new census data.
It shows how diverse the U.S. population has become, especially among those under 25 years of age. And among the youngest Americans, those under five, the “minority” population has hit 50 percent. (At this rate, the term “minority” could quickly become obsolete.)
 Minority Youth Trends
In all ages, Hispanics still represent the majority of the minority category (although the Hispanic group was not the one with the biggest growth between 2012 and 2013; that was Asian Americans).  There are now more than 54 million Hispanics in the country, (1.1 million in Colorado) according to the recent data.
These numbers call for specific reflections for different industries:
  • From the political angle, how are candidates, campaigns and parties adapting their outreach strategies to the fact that more and more new voters are from minority groups? (There’s evidence that they’re not adapting fast enough.)
  • For businesses trying to increase market share, how can they tap into this opportunity from a cultural marketing standpoint? What approach is better, a so-called “total market” approach or a more “segmented” marketing?
  • And how does any kind of organization ensure it’s communicating with all and not treating multicultural communications as an afterthought?
The status quo is no longer an option.
Here is a link to my recent presentation (Cinco things to know about Latinos in Colorado) at the Colorado Nonprofit Association’s fall conference.
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