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Making Great Outdoors Colorado greater!

November 1, 2013

Great Outdoors Colorado has been improving our state for 20 years, and in that time it has built 1,148 parks, built or restored 725 miles of trails, and protected 1 million acres of outdoor space. While Great Outdoors Colorado’s work is impressive, its old website wasn’t telling the complete story.
SE2, in partnership with Ten10 Group, worked with Great Outdoors Colorado to develop an AWESOME new website that better tells the organization’s story. The previous website was an invaluable resource for grantees to understand how GOCO awards grants and provides funding opportunities to local communities, but it didn’t tell outdoors lovers much about these projects once they were completed. The new website was created with Coloradans in mind. It creates a new online resource where Coloradans can find a place to participate in their favorite outdoor activity in faraway places they have never visited or right in their own backyard.
Visitors can search an interactive map of Colorado to find camping, trails, parks, playgrounds, or dozens of other types of activities, explore Great Outdoors Colorado’s featured projects, or learn more about projects currently under development explained in the blog. New and exciting projects are being added every day.

Before – Home Page


After – Home Page


After – Featured Projects

To support the launch of the website, SE2 also rolled out a small Facebook advertising campaign targeting all of Colorado’s outdoor lovers. In just one month, we helped Great Outdoors Colorado add nearly 3,000 new Facebook fans and dramatically boosted fan engagement (e.g., Likes, shares and comments). The even better news: Even though the advertising campaign recently ended, we continue to see consistently strong engagement from new fans! (Visit the Great Outdoors Colorado Facebook page to become a fan!)
The Great Outdoors Colorado website redesign and Facebook advertising campaign add to the growing list of interactive projects that SE2 has undertaken over the past two years, and if the Great Outdoors Colorado projects are a sign, more awesomeness is on the way!

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