Laura Bernero

Owned Media Strategist

Story and strategy collide

I’ve always loved great stories, and I find them everywhere – in between the lines of local news features, woven throughout our state’s diverse cities and landscapes, or even during small talk at a coffee shop. With each new experience, I’m always curious about the back story.

I’m also a strategist and a big-picture thinker. When presented with a challenge or a blank slate, I’m already imagining the possibilities of what could be.

These two worlds converge at SE2. We use story and strategy in tandem to help organizations create meaningful messaging and incite action around important issues. As part of our content team, I get to help clients identify, produce and share their stories with purpose and impact. And that is truly fulfilling work. Work that matters.

All of my professional endeavors – which have included print journalism and nonprofit communications – have refined my passion to serve others and to build bridges of understanding between people and ideas. It’s my goal and privilege to help our team, clients, partners and community see the bigger narratives that connect us.

After logging off for the day, you can find me running and exploring in the Colorado outdoors, hosting dinner parties with friends and family, or finding new ways to be creative. I also serve on the communications team at the Denver Institute for Faith and Work.

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