Going to the source for the youth perspective

Understanding what young people think, believe and care about is critical to connecting with them. And you can’t get at the real story unless you go to the source.

That’s why SE2 brought youth advisors in-house, built and online panel of youth to give us insights to inform our campaigns, and is reaching out to hear what youth think on a variety of critical issues. To help us get into the heads and hearts of today’s youth — and develop campaigns that can create lasting change.


In the News: Youth Perspectives

Youth are keenly aware of and impacted by what’s going on in their world. We wanted to know how African American youth are feeling about critical issues including the fight for racial justice and the COVID-19 pandemic.

SE2’s Director of Content Bazi Kanani sat down with two Colorado kids to find out what they think about their changing world.

Meet SE2’s Youth Advisor

Victoria D.
Attending: College of the Holy Cross (Worcester, Mass.)
About Victoria: Victoria can do it all. If she is not attending a protest or volunteering with mutual aid funds, you can find her in class, running her own BIPOC and women-led organization, dancing, or interning at an immigrants’ rights coalition! Whatever it is, Victoria enjoys bringing her talents and experiences as a woman of color and student activist to the table!

Youth Takes on Today’s Toughest Issues

SE2’s youth advisors have informed opinions on just about everything in our world. And we were lucky enough to get them on record.
From social media to mental health, we asked it all — and we got an earful.

Youth Takes

 Social Media

Social Media – Rapid-fire questions

News – How People Use it

News – Rapid-fire questions

Stress/Anxiety – General

Stress/Anxiety – Rapid-fire questions

What do brands do right?


Meet SE2’s Alumni Youth Advisors

Bella C.
Attending: CU Denver
About Bella: She didn’t earn the nickname “Dream Crusher” for nothing. Bella is a smart and insightful Latina who’s not afraid to tell us what she really thinks – and we’re better off for it. When she’s not working at SE2, she’s managing talent in the music industry. We don’t know exactly where Bella will end up, but we’re pretty sure she’ll be a star.

Lindsey K.
Attending: Recent grad of CU Boulder
About Lindsey: Let’s just say her talents are a little intimidating. She’s a strong writer who loves research, a gifted analyst and who is passionate about peer education and sexual health. We don’t know if Lindsey can keep up with her own appetite for information, but it’s motivating to work with someone who has such love of learning.

Are you next? 
If you or a young person you know is interested in communications and public issues, we’d love to meet them. Watch out blog to learn more about the youth advisor position and watch for the application each spring.

Think your youth-focused
campaign makes the cut?

Let us run it by our youth advisors to get their take!