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Passport to the Colorado We Love

Small but important steps make all the difference
June 12, 2020

About two weeks ago, I received one of those calls creative directors love to get.
It was about 7:00 pm. Apparently, a colleague had recommended me to help Governor Jared Polis’ office create a campaign to increase awareness of the importance of wearing face masks in public. The state had begun moving into its most recent phase of opening up the economy amid the COVID-19 pandemic and wanted Coloradans to know how to get back to normal, responsibly.
I took a deep breath and asked, “When is it due?”
Let’s just say it was going to be quick. Very quick.
I couldn’t say no. It was the kind of project every creative dreams about – an adrenalin-fueled race to the finish line on a highly relevant topic. The type of project you can look back on and say, “I did my part.” (And, of course, did it overnight.)
We immediately went into motion. Energy drinks gave me wings and I started to write. Working with Director of Communications Maria de Cambra from the Governor’s Office and Producer Miguel Hernandez from Mentalounge, we came up with a brief in socially distant fashion – working mostly by text.
Fast forward to about 12 hours later, it was around 6:00 am when I hit send. The ideas were out there. Now, we wait.
We had shared ideas in the form of TV scripts and key visuals that would convey our take on sharing hope and a plan to all of us who live in Colorado – to recover not just our daily activities, but all of the things that we love about living here. Being outside, getting exercise, shopping, dining.
The campaign was quickly approved and we were in production just days later. The campaign launched last week with a TV spot and social posts. A Spanish-language video and billboards will soon follow.

See the work here >>

As I write this, I am wearing my mask to pick up my daughter from her work. I have the same desire as everyone else – to recover what has been on pause. And I know that taking this small but important step is one way to do just that. It’s truly a passport to freedom.
I was honored to contribute to this magnificent initiative.

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