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Creating Content to Connect with Opinion Leaders

Evaluating the impact of journalism and communications
January 10, 2019

Creating Content to Connect with Opinion Leaders


Comcast’s Mountain West Region serves residential, business and government customers across a vast and diverse region that includes Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. The External Affairs team has broad responsibilities that span government affairs, communications, corporate social responsibility and community investment.

As such, it’s important that local opinion leaders — including policymakers, regulators, nonprofit, business and education leaders and the media – understand the company’s values and how those power its initiatives.
The communications challenge is to reach these influential individuals with stories that highlight how Comcast is living its top priorities of community impact, bridging the digital divide, diversity and inclusion, military engagement, environmental sustainability, and accessibility for people with disabilities. Comcast engaged SE2 to launch the company’s first-ever influencer email program, starting in the Mountain West Region.


Each month, SE2 works with Comcast’s team to gather content that appeals directly to the interests, concerns, values and aspirations of the audience of opinion leaders.
We show these influencers how Comcast’s products, services and initiatives are positively addressing issues that matter to them. Whether it’s leveraging technology to cut through the chaos of a busy life, ensuring safe online experiences for kids, addressing the urgent need for educational access and inclusion, or contributing to the economic strength of our communities, Comcast’s storytelling brings to life the company’s values for these important audiences.
SE2 puts together four state-specific emails, using the Salesforce/Pardot platform, which allows for sophisticated list segmentation by industry, interest and other factors.
SE2 and Comcast use analytics to identify the best-performing types content, which include: 1) stories that inspire action; 2) local content; 3) relevant, actionable news and insights; and 4) multimedia content with easy social sharing functionality. We A-B test various elements of the email messages — such as subject lines, sender name, content length and layout — to improve engagement rates, optimizing along the way.


Over the past two years, SE2 has helped the Comcast Mountain West Region develop a winning formula for effectively engaging influencers. Clicks, open and read rates for the Mountain West Region are regularly twice the industry average, and due to the program’s success, our approach is being rolled out company-wide.  The Mountain West Region is being held up as a model across the corporation.

“SE2 is instrumental in helping us create compelling, impactful content which delivers the “why” and “how” that underlie how Comcast is serving and connecting our communities to what matters most.  SE2 works within our vast organization to leverage the various platforms’ capabilities to ensure our influencers receive the information they need.”
– Comcast Colorado