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Raising $15 Million for California-based Medical Center

Evaluating the impact of journalism and communications
November 12, 2018

Raising $15 million for California-based Marian Medical Center


The Marian Medical Center, located in Santa Maria, California, recently launched the city’s largest ever capital campaign – $15 million for a new hospital. It was an ambitious goal, but we like clients who think big. SE2 knew immediately that galvanizing the support of the community was going to be key to their success.


SE2 was engaged to create a communications campaign to support this colossal fundraising effort.
Knowing that making a personal connection between the hospital and the citizens of Santa Maria was crucial, we developed a campaign around the concept of the “generations of care” that had been provided to this community by Marian since its inception in 1940. With the hospital’s help, we identified and interviewed a number of families and patients about their experiences with the medical center.
Then, we wrote profiles of those people that served as the centerpiece of the case statement, the prospectus and the English and Spanish brochures, created for various donor audiences including major donors, physicians, hospital staff and the general public. We also created key messages and talking points and trained the Board, the Campaign committee and key employees to be spokespeople and fundraisers.


These stories were told all over the community – making that key connection between the hospital, loyal donors and potential donors and effectively driving Marian toward its fundraising goal. The hospital raised more than $15 million and in a ceremony organized and promoted by SE2, they broke ground on the new hospital in 2009 and the new hospital opened just a few years later.