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Move the Meter: A Content Creator’s Toolbox

A roundup of tips to help you tell your stories with impact
April 10, 2018

The work of being a content creator can feel like an uphill slog at times.
Amidst an avalanche of information, we fight for fleeting attention and struggle to stand out in the crowd. In a world (and newsfeed) where people’s time, attention and energy are being pulled in every direction, we strive to make meaningful content that does more than simply make someone “think twice” about an issue.
We want to create content that moves people to action.
In communicating about issues that matter, we all need all the help we can get. So this month, our staff has rounded up a toolbox of the latest tricks to help you deliver information that your audience can put to use.
Like if you’re putting together a newsletter, you have the opportunity to tell people something new about the societal issues and personal concerns that keep them up at night.
If your creative team is creating content for social media, this handy listicle of the 11 best social media management and reporting tools is a great resource to help them stay organized.
And if you rely on scheduling tools to manage your social media presence, check out Facebook’s recent updates to APIs (application programming interfaces) that may change the way some third-party social media management tools can schedule posts.
No matter your medium and message, we’re on your team in the pursuit of breaking through the clutter to enact meaningful change.
Some others insights from our team this month include:
Project Manager Kathleen Ryan
As technology continues to evolve, it doesn’t always have to be for higher purposes or the greater good. Sometimes you just need to have a little fun. Drones, as we know, have been able to show views we’ve never seen before. Exhibit A: A crafty Kansas farmer used his feeding cows and drone/satellite technology to send the world a friendly greeting. That’s one way to moove the meter.
VP of Strategy and Operations Brandon Zelasko
Despite the recent declaration that the U.S. is in the midst of an opioid epidemic, the vacuum of meaningful addiction treatment services (or support to pay for them) has resulted in people turning to online communities like Facebook, Reddit and other platforms for support. This recent report from Mashable explores the promising — and problematic — sides of technology-driven substance use disorder treatment. It’s a great read for our clients whose work focuses on treating behavioral health and substance use disorders — and anyone communicating about these issues.
Editorial Strategist Katharine Brenton:
“The Storytelling Edge” is a good book to have on your shelf as a communicator. This content marketing book summarizes nine of the most important storytelling takeaways for content marketers who are dedicated to creating educational and engaging content for a target audience, distributing it effectively and optimizing along the way. This nine-minute video synopsis of the book is a great introduction you can watch in the span of a workday break.
Owned Media Strategist Laura Bernero:
Instagram published a set of tips this week that are designed to help publishers make the most of vertical video. Although humans are accustomed to reading left-to-right and taking in horizontal content, vertical video formats on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat are literally an opportunity to re-train and re-direct the human eye. Instagram recommends playing with type, animation, and vertical stretching/reaching content in sharing your brand’s story. In the words of one illustrator and animator: “Most people are trained to look at things horizontally, so you kind of have to lead the eye in different ways. This definitely presents a new set of challenges and a different way of looking at things.”

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