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Move the Meter: Eleven nonprofits worthy of your support

Recognizing our nonprofit clients in honor of Colorado Gives Day
December 4, 2017

While many agencies take on the occasional issue-focused project, at SE2 it is all we do – and all we have done for nearly 20 years.
We are honored to collaborate with a broad range of nonprofit organizations that work to educate children, keep people healthy, and create vibrant, inclusive communities.  
So we get pretty excited about Colorado Gives Day.
Here’s a list of our clients participating in Colorado Gives Day (in alphabetical order), along with a bit of information about each. We hope you’ll consider donating to your favorite organizations — or one of ours.
Bonfils Blood Center
Bonfils Blood Center, a Blood Systems blood center, supplies blood to dozens of healthcare organizations across Colorado. Bonfils produces a safe and reliable blood supply, inspires individuals to donate blood, and advances lifesaving research.
Center for Work Education and Employment
The Center for Work Education and Employment, or CWEE, integrates skills training, career advancement services, and comprehensive case management support to help break the cycle of generational poverty.
Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition
The Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition is dedicated to keeping Colorado kids healthy by building awareness for vaccines, educating health care providers, and advocating for policies that protect children with the goal of increasing childhood vaccination rates.
Early Childhood Partnership of Adams County
ECPAC works to ensure that children and families in Adams County have access to quality child care programs, parenting education, and community resources that support children’s healthy development during the vitally important first three years.
Mercy Housing
Mercy Housing works to alleviate poverty and create healthy communities where people can develop their full potential. By providing affordable housing and programs that improve the economic status of residents, Mercy Housing is revitalizing neighborhoods and stabilizing lives.
Mi Casa Resource Center
Mi Casa has served families with limited opportunities in Metro Denver for 40 years. With nationally recognized training programs, Mi Casa provides the tools to help low-income, individuals explore, launch, and grow their career or business.
MSU Denver
Metropolitan State University of Denver offers affordable degree programs, enhanced by innovative partnerships and a commitment to diversity. MSU Denver makes higher education possible for students of every background.
Rise Above Colorado
Through on-the-ground outreach, research, collaboration, and public awareness campaigns, Rise Above educates and empowers Colorado teens to live a life free of drug abuse.
Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center
Rocky Mountain Victim Law Center provides free legal assistance to victims of violent crime.
Smart Colorado
Smart Colorado focuses on protecting the health, safety and well-being of Colorado youth as marijuana becomes increasingly available and commercialized.

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