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Move the Meter: Technology as a Tool For Good

Noteworthy tech industry news from our team
October 30, 2017

Here at SE2, technology touches everything we do.
It connects us to clients, production partners and to each other. It gives us access to the latest research and cutting-edge tactics. It enables us to tell great stories that impact the health, economic security and quality of life of people across our state.
But at the end of the day, technology is simply a set of tools — it’s how we employ them that counts.
No matter how technology impacts your life, it’s worth evaluating how and when you interact with the devices you use each day and the messages they deliver.
Director of Client Services Kate Julian:
Due to some heat from Congress, Twitter and Facebook are doing away with dark posts (posts that are only visible to a specific targeted audience). As part of the transparency push in the wake of the 2016 election, Twitter will start naming advertisers and disclosing the ads they are financing. Facebook announced it will also establish a system to create more transparency. Election-related and issues-based ads will be subject to more disclosure rules than other ads, including requirements that advertisers reveal how much they spend on ads and how they target them. Translation: it’ll be harder to have a hidden agenda on social media.
Accounting Clerk Casey Allen:
Tensions surrounding social issues, including LGBTQ+ equality, are reflected within the outdoor industry, its advertising, and its target audiences. “When it comes to LGBT inclusion, the outdoor industry is drastically behind the rest of corporate America,” the author notes. In this piece, one outdoorist shares how he struggles to identify and find community with players in the outdoor industry.
VP of Strategy and Operations Brandon Zelasko:
Certain Facebook page managers may have seen a sneak peek of new advertising targeting options that may be coming soon. A few users report seeing “Dwell Time” and “Link Sharing” as options for ad targeting. Based on the descriptions of the targeting options, each would allow advertisers to reach people who have expressed interest in brand content but have yet to take action. These features, paired with Facebook’s recent addition of Custom Audiences, may unlock even more effective advertising through Facebook.  
Project Manager Kathleen Ryan:
As countless Nextdoor posts will highlight, missing or stolen packages is a big concern of neighbors everywhere. Never fear, Amazon has devised a way to calm your worries about purloined packages — and further integrate itself into your life. Whether for package delivery or to let the dog walker in, the new ‘Amazon Key’ includes a security camera, smart lock, and app that both notify you of people approaching and entering your home and allow access to trusted individuals.

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