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Move the Meter: Why Communicators are Buzzing About the New iPhone

New artificial intelligence technology opens up big questions for marketers
September 19, 2017

When Apple introduced the iPhone X last Tuesday, the usual cascade of conversation began: What are the new features? Should I get one? And what do the new features mean for the ways we communicate?
A big conversation point is the iPhone X’s “neural engine,” which enables certain kinds of artificial intelligence software, including image and speech processing. This leads to the facial recognition and animated emoji capabilities in the iPhone X.
But it will also lead, as Apple CEO Tim Cook promised, to “set the path for technology for the next decade.” Augmented reality and artificial intelligence aren’t going anywhere. As Wired points out, Apple will likely lead the smartphone world into further machine-learning algorithms, which could open up myriad opportunities for market research and data collection in the future.
Data collected by smartphones, smartwatches and other devices could instantly analyze user health, purchase patterns, speech and more in unprecedented ways. But where does customer privacy and human decency draw the line? Market researchers and marketers will have to keep that question at the forefront.
More industry news worth buzzing about from the SE2 staff:
Editorial Strategist Katharine Brenton:
A couple of weeks ago we noted a story about The Washington Post’s use of AI to increase engagement with its native advertising. This week, we’re intrigued by the Washington Post’s use of AI to actually report the news. While it’s not quite to the point of covering a city council meeting, Heliograf, The Post’s homegrown AI technology, can analyze standardized test scores, election results, financial information and other data sets, spitting out short reports and tweets. Nearly dismissed as “dead tree” technology not long ago, newspapers are finding exciting new ways to produce content, meet readers’ needs, and generate revenue.
Project Manager Kathleen Ryan:  
It’s amazing what will capture our interests in the age of social media. Adam Ellis’ saga of his apartment ghost has captivated Twitter and Facebook audiences alike with a feed of spooky encounters reminiscent of “Paranormal Activity”.  
Senior Account Manager Lauren Schott:
Is guest blogging a thing of the past or an overlooked avenue for reaching a larger audience? Turns out it works, if you do it the right way.

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