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Move the Meter: The Latest From Our Industry

New and noteworthy trends in the communications industry from the desks of team SE2
August 14, 2017

Here at SE2, we are lucky to work on projects that impact the health, economic well-being and quality of life of Coloradans.
Staying abreast of our clients’ key issues keeps us busy, to be sure. But our team also finds time each week to read extensively about trends in our own industry, which keeps us full of creative new ideas to help our clients move the meter on issues that matter.
Here’s some of our team’s recent reading picks:
Eric Anderson, director of outreach and engagement:
In the midst of the ongoing debate about real news v. fake news  with John Elway becoming the  latest to bandy about the latter term  one wonders if the American public is able to determine what media sources to believe. It turns out, according to new research, that the public is quite discerning.
Laura Bernero, owned media strategist:
Influencer marketing continues its rise, according to a recent study. The use of bloggers, social media influencers and high-profile partners to create and share content on behalf of brands has seen a significant boost over the past two years, with 84 percent of marketers saying that they see influencer marketing as an effective tactic. Turns out that scrolling Instagram could be an effective use of time after all – especially if you’re on the lookout for your next company spokeswoman. Read more.
Kathleen Ryan, project manager:
The new Facebook feature “This Week in Your Government” will give users a new way to engage with their elected officials at all levels of government, regardless of political affiliation. It will be interesting to see how this plays out and whether it creates additional engagement from constituent to elected official and vice versa. Read more.
Katharine Brenton, editorial strategist:
“The whole world is singing in Spanish.” Words of Luis Fonsi, singer and songwriter of the most streamed song in history  the irresistible ear candy called Despacito. It’s fascinating to watch cultural crossover  particularly the global appeal of Latin music  thrive in a political era marked by increasing isolationism.
Ali Nipert, content strategist:
“Sadvertising”  or those storytelling ads that pull on our heartstrings  isn’t necessarily new. But with the rise of bloggers and vloggers, these types of ads get additional (free) reach as inspired viewers are compelled to share their reactions online. Read more.
Thanks for joining us we look forward to sharing more insights in the weeks to come. 

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