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Coloradans Say “No More 24”

January 18, 2017

Coloradans Say “No More 24”

LiveWell Colorado

You would right in thinking that Colorado is among the healthiest states in the nation. While Colorado as a whole is fairly healthy, the story is starkly different for Colorado kids. Colorado ranks 24th in the nation for our children’s level of physical activity. That’s barely better than average.

LiveWell Colorado partnered with SE2 to develop a statewide outreach campaign, which we called No More 24, to spark a conversation among Coloradans about how barriers to healthy living – like access to healthy foods, recreation areas like parks and trails, and physical education in schools – affects our kids’ ability to be active and healthy.
Part of our outreach campaign included hiring over three dozen influential parents and people who fight for social justice here in Colorado to raise awareness about childhood obesity through their Facebook, Instagram and YouTube accounts.
Over the course of several weeks they shared personal stories about the barriers that prevent their children, and children in their cities and neighborhoods, from living a healthy, active lifestyle, and helped LiveWell Colorado recruit Coloradans who know that the fight to end childhood obesity doesn’t just happen at the dinner table, but in our schools, parks, city hall meetings and even at the state capitol.
Our influencers produced nearly 150 pieces of original content – including blogs, videos and photos – reaching over two million people in the process and generating over 7,000 engagements!
The influencer campaign was six times more effective than other tactics we employed as part of the campaign and had more than a 700 percent return on the investment.

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