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Causes We Support Inside and Outside of the Office

Please considering giving to the organizations we invest in on Colorado Gives Day 2016
December 1, 2016
Causes We Support Outside the Office

Several SE2ers lead or serve on boards focusing on a range of issues that affect Coloradans. We bring our varied and diverse backgrounds in and around policy, journalism, government, foundations and nonprofits to extend and enhance the work of these important organizations.

The time we donate to these organizations is important, but financial support from the broader community is critically important. It ensures that these amazing organizations can continue improving the lives of the people of Colorado.

And since today is Colorado Gives Day, we’d like to ask our friends and readers to donate to the organizations that SE2ers support outside of their day jobs. Read more about these organizations and please follow the links to make a donation.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Eric Anderson, SE2 co-owner and president
Board Chair, Bright by Three

Do you remember the first time you held an infant? Initially when I was handed babies, I reacted like I’d been trusted with a nuclear device. I cradled them stiffly, focused on a single goal: not dropping them.

When we brought our son from the hospital, we first just left him in his car seat in the living room. We figured we could do less harm if he was strapped in. Our daughter arrived two months prematurely so we didn’t even name her for several weeks. The rest is a blur.

Every day, Colorado families bring home their new babies and, regardless of their circumstances, they are:

  • Overwhelmed
  • Confused
  • Tired

Over time, sleep schedules may regulate but the learning curve remains so steep parents might feel like they need ropes and crampons to scale it. That’s where Bright by Three comes in. It plays the role of Sherpa, helping to guide new parents along way.

Whether offering support through a home visit, its time-tested guides, the rapidly growing Bright by Text initiative or – ideally – all three, Bright by Three lets parents know they’re not alone.

And while parents appreciate the help, it’s their kids who benefit the most. The children may not ultimately remember their first three years, but we’ve learned it’s the most important period in their development, shaping the people they will become.

Donate to Bright by Three

Susan Morrisey, SE2 co-owner and CEO
Board Chair, Arapahoe House

I am on the board of Arapahoe House, which is the largest and leading provider of substance use disorder treatment in Colorado. Substance use is a serious and growing issue for Colorado, with the state ranking in the top 10 states nationwide for its rate of drug and alcohol use. Arapahoe House provides a full continuum of services for individuals and families, from walk-in detox centers, to clinic-based treatment, to residential rehab and transitional housing. Through its 11 locations around the metro Denver area, Arapahoe House provides treatment to more than 15,000 Colorado youth and adults each year.

Donate to Arapahoe House

Brandon Zelasko, principal
Board Chair, Colorado Youth Matter

Colorado Youth Matter is important to me because all Colorado youth deserve to have accurate and evidence-based sexual health education, free from educators’ and school leaders’ personal views on what should or shouldn’t be taught. They deserve to receive education that reflects their unique circumstances and offers smart options, which is what is most important to me. The sex education I received when I was a kid was awful and not at all relevant to the issues I was dealing with. That’s why I believe in, support and serve on Colorado Youth Matter’s board.

Donate to Colorado Youth Matter

Melisa Kotecki Schlote, director of operations

Volunteers of America (VOA) Colorado Branch is an organization near and dear to my heart.  I have experienced first-hand the impact the staff and volunteers make every day in the lives of so many! VOA’s services include serving and empowering at-risk youth, the elderly, homeless families, victims of domestic violence, veterans and those in need of affordable housing. During times of crisis it is important to have a place to turn and seek out resources and support.   The Volunteers of America team provide a safe haven for men, women and children during their time of greatest need.  They have been serving our Colorado community for over 100 years. I know my donation makes a lasting impact and will touch the lives of many when I donate to Volunteers of Colorado. Your donation will make a difference!

Donate to Volunteers of Amercia

Taylor Lobato, associate

I learned many of life’s lessons throughout my many years showing cattle in 4-H. That is why I support the Colorado 4-H Foundation, an organization that provides positive youth development and education to 4-H members across Colorado. 4-H members learn valuable skills such as leadership, financial literacy and many other life skills. As a 4-H member, youth find their passion on anything from raising a market or breeding animals, to decorating cakes or even building robots. The breadth of these programs reach youth from a diverse group of students all across the state, which is why I continue to support this great organization.

Donate to Colorado 4-H Foundation

Claire Carroll, associate

I served as a mentor with Minds Matter of Denver (MMD) for three years and maintain a relationship with my mentee still today. I support MMD’s mission of transforming the lives of accomplished high school students from low-income families by broadening their dreams and preparing them for success in college and beyond. 100% of graduating seniors in the MMD program attend a 4-year undergraduate institution with some form of financial aid. MMD’s focus on student success, relationships, and results are why I continue to support them.

Donate to Minds Matter of Denver

Matthew Vermillion, owned media strategist
Mentor, Goodwill’s Careers Plus Group Mentoring Program

I volunteer weekly at South High School to provide mentorship to students for job readiness and college preparation. This is a cause I’m passionate about since I’ve had to find my own way in two different career paths thus far in my life. I know how valuable it is to have a mentor who can offer experience and guidance when it comes to major life events like going to college and pursuing a career. Plus, my students probably teach me more about life and about what’s cool (and not cool) than I teach them.

Learn more about the program and volunteer to be a mentor

Allison Nipert, associate

The Tennyson Center for Children is a great local organization that I happily support. They provide residential and therapeutic services as well as schooling for Colorado children who are survivors of abuse or neglect or have significant developmental issues. I understand how important it is for children to not only have access to the tangible resources they need to survive, but also to have a support system that can encourage their growth and healing. That’s why I support the Tennyson Center for Children and their mission to help one of the state’s most vulnerable populations.Donate to the Tennyson Center for Children or learn how you can become a volunteer

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