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SE2 Welcomes New Associate

Join us in welcoming Claire Carroll to the SE2 team!
November 8, 2016

Claire is a fifth generation native of Colorado who was raised in Limon. Claire set off to college at Texas Christian University (TCU) in Fort Worth, TX to be her generation’s Woodward and Bernstein. After changing majors four times (picking a major can be hard!), she earned a double bachelor’s degree in sociology and communication studies. She fed her passion for journalism by working for a short time as a copy editor for the school’s newspaper. The first gift her future husband, Michael, gave her was an AP Stylebook.
Claire moved back to Colorado the day after graduation with a new shih tzu puppy, Lily, in tow. A couple weeks later, Michael proposed to Claire at sunrise in Italy. They were married the following summer in Golden with a fun reception at Mile High Station. Claire and Michael live in the Cheesman Park neighborhood near the Botanic Gardens. Michael works for Southwest Airlines, and they love flying for free!
Claire has worked for Susan G. Komen for the Cure, TCU, John Snow, Inc. (a public health consulting firm), and the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. While working at the law school, Claire earned her master’s degree in public policy. Claire chose to pursue this degree because she believes the heart of public policy is solving problems. She wrote her master’s thesis on preventing depression and suicide in Denver Public Middle Schools.
Claire wrote a novel based on her great-grandmother’s experience during the Dust Bowl. After two years of neglect during grad school, Claire is doing some massive edits to the manuscript and hopes to publish it someday. When Claire is not at work, you can find her reading a good book, editing the terrible first draft of her book, dancing through a cardio session, or enjoying wine and cheese while watching Netflix.
Claire is thrilled to be working for SE2 where her passions for journalism, public health, and public policy can thrive. Claire hopes to tell great stories, solve problems, and move the meter on issues that matter.

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