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I Quit!

SE2 has been working with CDPHE to create customizable tobacco prevention and cessation campaigns that local health departments can use in their communities
February 11, 2016
Ah, the day you quit.
You are brave!
Your future is ahead of you!
You are scared out of your mind!
No, I’m not talking about the day you quit your job. I’m talking about day you quit tobacco.
SE2 has been working with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) for the last three years to create customizable tobacco prevention and cessation campaigns that local health departments and grantees can use in their communities throughout the state.
“The Day I Quit” is one of those campaigns.  In partnership with CDPHE and InLine Media, we worked together to use the campaign to promote the Colorado QuitLine. The QuitLine is a free service to help Coloradans quit tobacco for good. You may have seen it recently.
DIQ billboard
We designed “The Day I Quit” as an aspirational campaign to show how people’s lives change in a positive way after they quit smoking:  They will have more money, better relationships, and better health. Communities throughout the state have been using the campaign for nearly two years.
In order to support the QuitLine’s statewide advertising we expanded the campaign to include billboards, transit, radio and television spots in English and Spanish. And we pulled it all together in about eight weeks!
We created the campaign by utilizing our four-step approach: Map, Message, Move, and Measure.  We started by doing our research, including nearly 30 statewide focus groups with target audiences in English and Spanish to inform the messages and test the ads. After that we tweaked and perfected, and now we hope it Moves tobacco users to quit.

Our other anti-tobacco work includes: 

  • Tobacco Robs You campaign targeting adult tobacco users
  • Kiss of Death youth tobacco prevention campaign
  • 1,200 Reasons Never to Start prevention campaign
  • Tobacco Free Colorado Communities Initiative policy and technical assistance program

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