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Five-Month Anniversary Provides a Time for Reflection

November 19, 2015
Nov. 15 marks my five-month anniversary at SE2 and, now that I’ve settled in, I can reflect on how unique our agency truly is.
SE2 provides me with the opportunity to work on my passions: integrated communications for nonprofits and public policy.
Yet, SE2’s work goes much deeper than a convergence of communications and public issues. At their core, our projects make a positive impact on our world. We help health care providers more effectively communicate with their patients; we create tools to engage  parents so they can identify and assess quality early learning programs that provide the educational foundation for their child’s success; and we help energy producers keep electricity affordable, so that people across our region have warm homes and access to other conveniences that make their lives better.
This work affects people’s daily lives. It’s a big responsibility.
I felt this responsibility first hand while attending a conference for public health officials from across our state. They work to keep tobacco out of the hands of children and help adults quit this deadly addiction. They dedicate every day to helping their communities live healthier lives and it is personally rewarding to work on tobacco control projects for the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.
Helping our clients move the meter on important public issues is all we do. There is not another firm in Colorado with SE2’s experience doing what we do and that is what drew me here.
At SE2, I’ve found a place where my work means much more than just selling a product; instead, my work contributes to the health and wellbeing of the communities that our clients serve.

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