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When Worst in Show is Best

When is the worst actually the best?
November 1, 2013

When you can use that honor to help curb pollution and keep Colorado’s skies clear.
For the past few years, SE2 has enjoyed the opportunity to promote the Clear the Air Foundation at the Denver Auto Show. The goal of the organization, which was founded by the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association, is to get old “gross emitters” off the road for good. These hunks of junk can pollute many times more than new cars.
Often cars donated to non-profits are resold at auction, not recycled.  When you donate a vehicle to the Clear the Air Foundation, you receive the same tax benefits as you would for donating a car to any nonprofit and the guarantee that your old super polluter is crushed and recycled. Already the organization has crushed around 600 gross emitters, most of which have been donated by new car dealers.
The Denver Auto Show is the region’s premier auto event with elaborate displays from all of the biggest auto manufacturers.  We knew our display couldn’t compete with that so we decided to go in the other direction!
What if we had the worst display at the show?
Inspired by the worst of the worst we’ve seen, the car you DON’T want to be stuck behind in traffic, we designed the display in the spirit of the greasy, grimy, smelly polluters that the Clear the Air Foundation gets off the road and into the crusher.   With a backdrop reminiscent of an old dirty carport with dead grass, oil spills, and rusty metal, our star, the Gross Emitter, stands out from the rows of clean, new, low-emitting vehicles at the event.
Held together by duct tape, this car is a prime candidate for the Clear the Air Foundation.  As visitors enter the show, we hope they take a second to admire the mire and consider donating and recycling any gross emitters lurking in their carport or backyard!
Special thanks to our partners in grime:
Lee Payne, chairman of the Clear the Air Foundation
Tim Jackson, president of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association
Jill Unfried, program coordinator at the Clear the Air Foundation
Art Direction and Construction: Andy Sherman, Randy Aardema and Greg Miller

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