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Comcast’s Commitment to Colorado

My favorite part of having a virtual creative department is the opportunity I get to work with some of our market’s most talented artistic minds
July 2, 2012

Unlike most traditional agencies, SE2’s creative team does not include a room full of art directors, designers and copywriters slaving away on projects. Rather, Creative Associate Maggie McEntee and I partner exclusively with subcontractors (individuals and firms) on the execution of our work. That way we’re able to pick from a range of skilled individuals and find the best fit for our clients. Don’t they say that variety is the spice of life?
SE2 was recently able to work with two of the Front Range’s most talented creatives when Comcast Colorado, a long-time client, asked us to develop a series of TV ads highlighting three important Comcast community initiatives – programs that strengthen our communities and help to bridge the digital divide.
Jim Glynn – a long-time, highly respected copywriter – has a knack for making magic from simple sentences. He helped us to tell compelling stories about Comcast’s community programs in a way that will not only educate the public but also make people smile. (Not an easy feat in only 30 seconds!)
And then there’s Stephen Vidano, whom I met two years ago when we hired him to produce a series of videos celebrating The Colorado Trust’s 25th Anniversary. To say that Stephen is a masterful videographer is an understatement. I’m not sure how he does it, but he and his team at Vidano Films can make even the dingiest basement hallway look beautiful and vibrant.
So here are the finished spots, two of which were produced in both English and Spanish. Keep an eye out! They are airing on Comcast’s extensive array of cable channels. I think SE2 was successful at illustrating Comcast’s commitment to making Colorado a better place to live. And I’m excited to report that Comcast liked the ads so much that we’ve retagged them for use in other states.
Hope you like them too.

Digital Connectors from SE2 on Vimeo.

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