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Hispanic Media are Interested in your Stories

Hispanic news outlets are interested in your stories. And they want to get more stories.
January 3, 2012

But before reaching out to Hispanic media, please consider the following recommendations:

  1. Translate communications materials, such press releases. This is not because they don’t speak English (they do, and well), but it increases your chances of coverage by making their job easier. Bilingual reporters have told me they want information in Spanish since they don’t have the time to translate. Besides, by doing you the translation, you are in control of the quality of the content in Spanish. My recommendation is to send information in both languages, considering that some Latino newspapers are bilingual.
  2. Designate and prepare a spokesperson to address media en español. Again, they can understand you perfectly well and chat with you in English. But for the news story, specifically for TV and radio, they need that sound bite in Spanish. To accomplish this, you want a credible representative for your organization who can explain and expand on your issue or story by communicating your message properly. If that person isn’t available on staff, an experienced communications consultant who is fluent in Spanish can fill that role. But remember: It’s not enough that the staffer or consultant speaks Spanish if he or she isn’t an experienced communicator. You wouldn’t hand off your English-language spokesperson duties to just anyone, so don’t take that approach when communicating in Spanish.
  3. Don’t assume your story won’t be of “Hispanic interest.” Spanish-language media outlets, just like English-language ones, select news stories based on a variety of criteria. So, let them decide if they will pick it up your story or not, but don’t come to your own conclusion without even trying to pitch stories at all. You could be pleasantly surprised about what they decide to cover. SE2 recently helped publicly unveil a fleet of new plug-in hybrid trucks for Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, including one that was driven by Gov. John Hickenlooper. There was no special Hispanic angle but we translated the press release and I was available to serve as a Spanish-language spokesperson. The announcement was featured as one of the main stories on Telemundo’s newscast at both 5:30 and 10 p.m. (also known as 9News en español, as it broadcasts from the 9News newsroom)

Finally, just in case you were wondering why you need to reach out to the Hispanic population, here are few reasons:
One in five Coloradans, or about 1 million people, are Hispanic. According to Pew Hispanic, close to 80 percent of them speak some Spanish. By not including Spanish media, your message could be missing a substantial portion of Colorado’s population.
In the Denver area, three TV stations offer Spanish newscasts and websites. There are also eight bilingual or Spanish-only newspapers with different levels of local coverage, and at least four local Spanish radio shows include news- or information on community issues.

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