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Are One in Five Coloradans Missing your Message?

Be honest. Is your organization really communicating effectively with Hispanics?
August 17, 2011

We get it. You may not have the resources on staff, or you already have too much on your plate. But if you aren’t trying, that could present a big problem. Here’s why:
Message sent does not equal message received.
More than one in five Coloradans are Hispanic, according to the latest U.S. Census figures. And more than three-quarters of Denver Hispanics speak at least some Spanish at home, Nielsen reports.
How are you communicating to a fifth of our population? If it’s not in Spanish, a sizeable percentage of the audience may not even get the message, let alone take some action based on it.
Lost in translation.
And don’t think for a second that translation solves the problem. We believe that standard translation misses the nuance and meanings of words. To have a message that truly suits your intent and resonates with this audience, you need to transcreate.
Transcreation basically means customizing your communications for each target audience. Transcreation ensures that the communication matches its intended audience in every aspect: the message, style, images, emotions and its cultural context. If you aren’t transcreating, you aren’t effectively communicating with your target audience.
“Communication works for those who work at it.” (John Powell)
Chances are you’ve been on the receiving end of communications produced in mangled English by non-native speakers who are clearly out of their element. Now imagine the shoe is on the foot – your communications are being twisted and battered as they are converted into Spanish (and, worst of all, you don’t even know it).

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