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Start Thinking Like a Television Network

Everyone wants to know what the secret sauce is for building an awesome online presence
March 17, 2011

The secret sauce is this: start thinking like a television network.
Think of everything you do online – email marketing, social media, website, online advertising, etc. – as your own little television network. Why? Because people want to go to your online platforms for the same reason they go to TV channels: education and entertainment.
Imagine this… suppose you were running your own network and you had the choice to either run the same television show in a loop for three months (option one) or run different shows every hour (option two), which would you choose? The answer seems obvious, right? But why?
It’s obvious because you know that if you chose option one you’d be in serious trouble. Eventually everyone is going to tune out, and once they find a new network they’re not coming back.
Of course, you’d pick the second option because you know deep down inside (or perhaps it’s just obvious) that it’s the content that keeps people engaged.
But why then, if the importance of creating lots of content that engages and entertains the audience is obvious, do organizations overlook that? Why do they put so much effort into establishing a presence on many platforms and never produce content that’s worth paying attention to? Why do they make such little effort to generate content?
Many will blame it on one thing – time – but let me ask you this: If the president of ABC came onscreen and told you, “I’m sorry but we’re really just too busy right now to show you something new, so instead we’re going to replay the 2011 Oscars in a loop for the next month… please bear with us until we find some more time,” what would you do? Answer: [CHANNEL CLICKS] “Time for NBC!”
And, if this isn’t good enough reason, I can literally think of a dozen more:

  1. Good content leads to great audience engagement.
  2. Good content helps people market your organization for you.
  3. Good content isn’t as hard to create as you might think.
  4. Good content helps an organization’s search engine rankings.
  5. Good content helps to demonstrate that your organization is a thought leader.
  6. Good content leads to additional media coverage.
  7. Great content inspires people to take action.
  8. Great content makes people want to learn more.
  9. Great content energizes your audience.
  10. Great content isn’t hard to create. (Did I already say that?)
  11. Amazing content tells a story that brings your organization to life.
  12. Amazing content isn’t that hard to create (…you get the point).

It’s not an option to ignore content.
You would also be mistaken in thinking you just need to be slightly more entertaining than the competitor network. Remember, there are other networks out there that want your audience’s attention. Not only do you need to produce good content, but you need to produce content that rivals every other “network” out there.
Listen, I am pleading for you to entertain me. So is your audience. We want to hear what you have to say but you have to start talking, sharing and creating. We’re giving you another chance. I’ve even promised you something in return (see #1-#12 above).
So here is the takeaway: Content creation isn’t optional.
Now where is that remote?

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