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Infographics – The Key to Getting Your Online Audience to Read Your Content

September 19, 2010

Your organization has something important to say but a lot of data or explanation is needed to illustrate the issue. This data, when written out, will make for never-ending, scrolling web pages full of text. While a lot of text-based content is great for a research paper it isn’t so great for the web.
“Why?”, because online audiences don’t read.
It’s a well-known rule that when writing content for an online audience that that content has to be concise and easy to scan with the eye. But for some topics it’s nearly impossible to communicate so concisely.
So how do we solve the problem? One of my favorite solutions is the infographic.
What is an infographic? Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly, are easily scanned and are highly engaging.
Why use an infographic instead of text? As previously mentioned, online audiences just don’t read blocks of text and if your blocks of text are trying to communicate something important, that’s a problem. That should be reason enough. But beyond that, infographics are more likely to be shared across the web. That matters because not only does it bring more attention to your cause – increasing your online share of voice – but it also has HUGE search engine optimization (SEO) benefits.
How do you create an infographic that will get noticed?
Make your data work for you. Any organization will have tons of data. Put it to work by creating an infographic that highlights interesting trends or findings that the general public wouldn’t ever be able to glean from the data.
Give it a snappy headline. Grab that user’s attention!
Promote your infographic. Post it on your social profiles. Ask your audience to share it. Also use it for outreaching to bloggers or other online media. Trust me, it will get noticed.
Don’t forget to put out a press release. Send out a press release about the news.
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